Self-Love in 30 Sec

Self-Love starts with the simple act of appreciating ourselves. So often, our minds become overrun with critical mental chatter and limiting beliefs about what we are or aren’t capable of. When we’re consumed by these thoughts, it’s difficult to offer ourselves gentleness or recognize our strengths. 

In our app we help you to find your own style and plan with habits and the tools to create, manage and be successful in keeping and growing more good habits. When we meditate, we take the time to sit with our thoughts and emotions. We observe the mind’s behavior. We notice how busy the mind is, and how easily thoughts or storylines take us away from the present moment. Most people usually notice the mind’s negative bias, too — it seems we are built that way. And that’s when we start to realize how we are the ones causing ourselves the most difficulty, based on the lens through which we look at life … and ourselves.

Once we become comfortable with the coming and going of thoughts — letting them arise and then letting them go — we come to understand how our thoughts and emotions can be fleeting, and that we give them weight and meaning with all our ruminating. 

Here are 6 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Love in 30 seconds. 

  1. Meditate and Practice Mindfulness (anytime, and on a schedule)
  2. Be grateful for Yourself (keep a gratitude list)
  3. Practice self-care (daily and long term goals)
  4. Set boundaries (saying no to experiences that dont feel good, and asking for what you need from loved ones)
  5. Let go of comparisons (its your journey, you are unique)
  6. Forgive yourself. (challenges are here to stay, remember – dont compare your experience)