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Building better habits – made easy, get daily reminders, track and improve your routine – have fun and earn rewards to celebrate.

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We first make our habits, then our habits make us.

This is a habits app to build better habits with easy,

small acts every day for big change.

We’re making new habits fun and easy – to integrate small, easily attainable habits into our day, track progress and celebrate with rewards.

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Learn Breathing for Relaxation

Relaxation techniques can help to calm your body down, relax your muscles, and help you to think more rationally. Relaxation strategies can also halt the production of stress hormones such as adrenalin, which proves that we are not in any danger.


Self-Love in 30 Sec

Self-Love starts with the simple act of appreciating ourselves. So often, our minds become overrun with critical mental chatter and limiting beliefs about what we are or aren’t capable of. When we’re consumed by these thoughts, it’s difficult to offer ourselves gentleness or recognize our strengths. 


Self-Love and Self-Care for You

Self-care is simply any action that is taken with the intent of meeting your needs, whether they’re physical or emotional. Self-Love and Self-Care are not selfish.It is not selfish to practice self-love and self-care because it brings the best version of you to the world.


Building Better Habits – Daily

The Self-Love Habits App helps you to build better habits daily. They are fun, easy and help reduce the barriers to self-love and self-care. Building better habits daily means daily affirmations, daily reminders, starting and succeeding in new habits that fit your preference, lifestyle and needs. 

You Gotta Love Yourself

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Answer a few questions to discover habits, test drive and personalize the app for you.

With easy, convenient daily habits we can all find time to invest in our-selves.

Discovery is key to staying on track

Adopt + Get Started on your new Habit

Motivation gets us started but habits are what keep us going.

Just a few clicks and your new habits are created and integrated you’re your calendar and into your daily routine. Track your progress, get daily reminders, affirmation messages and celebrate your small wins with big fun rewards.

Connect Your Calendar and Turn on Notifications

Get Daily Support and Rewards

Get progress notifications, proofing that with each habit they are a person who started with the goal to meditate and have now become a person who meditates, from planning to read to becoming a reader.

Better Habits to Help Others. For each successful habit reached we give to a nonprofit partner.

A better habits app

For better results

Investing in Our Vision

We are proud to partner with leaders in self-love, self-care, health, and wellness to provide you with the best experience with the best support when you need it. We are here to support you. 

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